Hole 3: Black, White & Grey

A space.  Placed within it are three: White, Black, and Grey.  White repeats, “One,’” over and over again.

Black interjects: “We are included in this One, but do not belong.”

Grey: “In the Seventies, the student left may have been subtly guided toward race/gender issues as a way to get the movement not to deal with class or economics—which, if they’d kept that focus, might have led to an alliance with the labor unions.”

Black: “All that exists is the violent appearance of what is excluded from foreclosure, the strike/castration of any given Whole.”

Grey: “It’s clear that you’re pissed off about it. I’m sorry it offended you, but there it is.”

Black: “There is a squirt that splashes out of every closure.”

Grey: “Well, the White told me that’s not the way the world really works anymore. We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality.”

Black: “Reality is captured in the Symbolic.  The cause of every action is a lack, that lack is the Real.”
Grey: “Describing mass murder in this way as an exercise in hermeneutics is repugnant and grotesque.”
Black: “The explosion of the suppressed void always comes as a surprise to the Otherer.”Grey: “By endlessly reiterating an essentially empty vision, you amount in the end to less than nothing.”Black deviates. One divides.

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