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Papa Pole


Father I swallowed a dead star
It scratched my throat and left a scar
It burned my organs from inside
but it never left from my bottom side

Mother said this one will never quiet
her open mouth is like a riot
So I kept my eyes down and despised
Inside me a dead star fertilized

The hole grew deeper in my throat
A hungry void full of coal
I went out and stole and lied
and when necessary I smiled

My pockets filled up to the top
with gold and semen and space dust
with the excrements of desires
and with guitar strings, bricks and fire

I took all that you would not miss
Ziggy Stardust and the abyss
I stole all that you would not lack
the coming crisis and the red flag

My hate is so deep I can not reach
I have deep dormant scratch to itch
Too long has past and it might be late
but there is nothing left to negate

And when I walk near bright fire
my dead star erupts into a riot
It moves inside me like a child
Mauna Loa on my mind

There is no more blood inside my veins
The heat of lava burns in my face
The red fountain on top of my head flows
and the dead star gravity on the side of the grave pulls

I should have chased down with some milk
the stellar remnants and fresh ink
white gulp
blue gulp
gulp of air
but I’m still hungry I declare!

Tomorrow I’ll leave on a blazing rocket
To Sirius B
To Sirius A
Electron-degenerate matter fills my eye sockets
and a purloined letter burns holes in my jeans


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