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Trust the Machines


I built a crane for you, look!
look! look! look!
all gold from the drum to the hook
hook! hook! hook!
machine equipped with a hoist
hoist! hoist! hoist!
gold wire ropes to kill old hopes
hopes! hopes! hopes!
gold chains for brains
brains brains
and sheaves with diamonds in the bolt’s place
to bram ku-ku-cho vo-vo, vo, vo, vo
to wreck with ball all
all all all all
to move heavy objects from place
to place, to place
to old thoughts old place displace
displace, displace
I live on a bomb you know!
boom! boom! boom! boom!
it’s hot all the time
time time time
I don’t trust old dust
vo-vo-vo  ku-cho-cho
now look at me swing
swing swing swing
on a wrecking ball
ring di-di-ding ding ding ding
as I smash into the wall
wall all all
your structures crumble to the floor
floor floor floor
as the red flames blaze
blaze blaze blaze
there’s nothing left to call your place
place face face
we’re taking all that’s already ours
ours ours ours
one golden crane per working hour
our hour our
now we’re saving the best for last
last blast dust
to satisfy our collective lust
lust lust lust
as your structures fall
fall all fall
there is your world no more
no more, no more…


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